Acne Scars 101 – Learning To Control Your Acne To Prevent Acne Scars

   Acne Scars 101 – Learning To Control Your Acne To Prevent Acne Scars

Unlike your typical infection and injury, acne is not something you’re over with after it is left. Almost everyone who has experienced acne will have to deal with the aftermath of the breakout. Treating acne seems like more than just buying acne treatment products in Singapore.

Acne scarring is one of the most frequent problems you can face after the breakout disappears in the post-infection stage. If you fail to treat acne the right way, it can leave a scarring mark that is clearly visible. It might not be dangerous enough to cause ‘serious’ concerns for your skin health. You can’t get rid of it even with the best facial or costly facial cleaning product.

However, it can be one of the most frustrating cosmetic problems that can ruin your look. It can also generate more problems, significant than the acne that causes it. Many can feel stigmatised and depressed as a result.

While getting the best facial treatment in Singapore is enough to leave your skin feeling healthy, fresh and clean, it doesn’t cure or remove acne scars. Even an amount of facial wash or cleaner won’t wash away the marks it left. It seems like it’s here to stay, and it can be frustrating for anyone to deal with after the breakout.

Controlling Your Acne To Prevent Scarring

Prevention is often better than cure and for many, preventing acne scar in the first place at the early stage of acne infection is more critical and practical. There are a number of factors that one may consider should you seek to lower your risk of having an acne scar.

Remember, it’s not just about getting the best acne treatment in Singapore today. It’s about good practice and knowing the most integral step to control acne breakout. The infection can be less severe with less chance of developing an acne scar when you follow these tips:

Avoid touching and popping the acne

Touching or picking your acne does no good at all. Your hands can be dirty at most times, and touching your face, especially your acne, only introduces more harmful bacteria. It can make it swell more, even after receiving the best facial treatment.

However, popping your acne can only make it worse. It increases the chance of skin infection and scarring, and it’s why most skin care specialists advise not to do it. Avoid picking the scabs to allow the wound to heal.

Treat acne as early as possible

Once you have spot acne, consider treating it as early as possible. It helps reduce the chance of scars forming in the later part. You don’t need to opt for costly acne treatment and the best facial in Singapore to combat your acne. Maintain your face clean, dirt-free and follow the proper medical treatment given by the specialist.

If not, consider making an appointment with a doctor to receive recommended over-the-counter medicines or topical treatment. It also helps get rid of inflammation, swelling and other acne symptoms.

Avoid using multiple treatments

You might be thinking that using multiple acne treatments can heal it faster. However, it’s not the case for many. In most circumstances, using multiple acne treatments can harm your skin, not just your acne. It can cause irritation and other adverse side effects. It’s a must to follow your doctor’s prescribed medicine for acne treatment products that you’re allowed to use.

Reduce inflammation

Most skin care specialists or dermatologists would recommend you reduce the inflammation if you want to prevent scars from forming. Most Acne blemishes that are inflamed are at risk of leaving scars after it disappears than those that are non. Therefore, your acne treatment regime should focus on diminishing inflammation as much as possible while preventing irritating your skin.

However, you should avoid using harsh and intense-formulated acne treatment products since they will likely cause irritation to your skin.

Know When You Should Get Professional Help Or Treatment


Not everything can turn out as favourable as you would expect. Nonetheless, there’s still an option left. Seeking professional help or treatment is one of the most effective ways to prevent and reduce acne scars.

You don’t need to pay for costly or look for the best acne treatment, and that’s the truth. A simple visit to a local dermatologist’s clinic can benefit your skin. These specialists offer a comprehensive solution for treating acne and acne scars. It also minimises your risk of having other skin conditions, such as excessive oiling, blackheads and eczema breakout. They can provide you with insights and information you need that serve as knowledge when dealing with acne breakouts and preventing scars.

Their service will cost you money, but it is a ‘smart’ investment if you seek a long-term solution and proper skincare regime that won’t fail you. Specialists spend years studying the skin and knowing which facial or acne treatment products will serve you well and which ones you should avoid.

Other Skincare Habits You Should Follow


Your skincare habits can dictate how your skin will look and how likely you’ll get acne form. While you might think that buying the best acne treatment products is the best solution for skincare, your habit is actually the answer to that!

Here are some of the must-follow skincare habits you should do:

  • Always wash your hands and clean your fingertips
  • Be gentle with your face’s skin by using gentle facial products
  • Avoid aggressively scrubbing your face’s skin with towels
  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water
  • Wash your face twice per day or after sweating to clear away impurities
  • Avoid overwashing
  • Use sunblock with SPF 50 to protect your skin from harmful UV (ultraviolet)
  • Visit a dermatologist before buying any acne treatment products
  • Allow your skin to heal naturally by refraining from touching it with your hands

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