How does Soberlink function, and What is it?

How does Soberlink function, and What is it?

Breathalyzers provide a quick and simple method for determining whether someone has been drinking. However, which option is superior?

The answer, of course, is conditional on your needs. Infrared breathalyzers are available, and they provide reliable results. However, there are other carbon dioxide-based systems. We advise going with an infrared type if precision is more important to you than portability.

While the infrared models aren’t quite as precise as their carbon dioxide counterparts, they’re also not too off. This is due to the fact that the light from a carbon dioxide sensor may penetrate deeper into the skin than infrared light can. Because of this, the infrared model is the better choice for those with sensitive skin or chronic skin conditions such as eczema.

An app is available for smartphones and tablets that give users remote access to their Soberlink data. As a result, keeping tabs on your health has never been more convenient.

Tracking Drunkenness using Soberlink

Soberlink is a brand new app that keeps track of your drinking and alerts you if you’re getting out of control. We’ll explain how it works and the benefits you may expect to get from it in this post.

Just what is this “Soberlink” thing all about?

Soberlink is an app for smartphones that keeps tabs on your drinking habits and the places you go to get drunk. By tracking your location and activity over time, it can determine whether you’re spending too much time in a bar or at home alone. The free software also has a built-in tracker for keeping tabs on how much you spend each month on alcoholic beverages. An alert will be sent to you if your spending gets out of hand, or if another household member begins using the app.

Just how does it function?

Using GPS, the app keeps track of your whereabouts and when, allowing it to determine if you’ve been hanging out at the local watering hole or spending too much time alone at home. The free version just tracks when and where you drink, but you may give it to a family member or friend who wants to cut down on alcohol.

As a parent, you know how hard it can be to keep track of how much alcohol your kid consumes. It might be challenging enough to prevent someone from driving under the influence without also having the responsibility of keeping them from driving.


Parents may use Soberlink, an alcohol monitoring system, to keep tabs on their children’s drinking habits. The gadget syncs with the Soberlink app on your phone, so you’ll always know how much alcohol your teen is ingesting and whether or not they’re driving under the influence. To find out what others think about the soberlink, look for soberlink monitoring device reviews online.

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