How To Properly Use Hand Sanitizer To Fight Against The Covid-19?

How To Properly Use Hand Sanitizer To Fight Against The Covid-19?

The deadly coronavirus or COVID-19 had brought the whole world to a stop. The global pandemic has badly affected nations across the globe and a permanent solution for this virus is yet to be found. But since now things are slowly resuming, people returning to their work, and other activities taking place, self-protection and prevention is our only solution. And, the hand sanitizers have been our ultimate best friends since the start of this pandemic. Sanitizers have been helping us a lot in avoiding the spread of the disease into the community. But a sanitizer is only useful when it is used properly. Here are is how to use hand sanitizer the right way:

  • Remove all your jewelry and other stuff- The first thing to do is to remove all your rings and other pieces of jewelry from your hands and wash them separately. Also make sure to remove external dirt, food, and grease from your hands, so that the sanitizer is more effective.
  • Now apply the sanitizer- Squirt the hand sanitizer into the palm of one of your hands. Be gentle with the amount you are using. Take at least a coin-sized amount of sanitizer onto your palm. If there is visible dirt, wash your hands with water and soap first if necessary, then go for the sanitizer.
  • Rub your hands together thoroughly– Now this is the important part of the entire process. Just ‘applying’ hand sanitizers is not enough; you have to make sure it is spread throughout your palm, the back of it, and within your fingers. Rub both your hands properly against each other. Make sure that you are covering the surface of both your hands, including your fingers, between them, and also your fingertips and nails. Be generous and also do not forget to sanitize your wrists as well. Continue rubbing your hands until the liquid sanitizer is absorbed by your skin and dried off completely.
  • When to use the sanitizer– Many people are unsure about when to use the sanitizer. Well, it is highly suggested that you use the hand sanitizer at intervals throughout the day. Sometimes you may be doing certain activities that can pose the risk of spreading viruses. So, to always be safe, use your hand sanitizer periodically during the day to reduce risks.

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