Liquid Lawn Fertilizer versus Granular Fertilizer

Having a healthy lawn is the dream of every homeowner. It is important to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to be strong. A good organic fertilizer will supply the nutrients your lawn needs especially if give it at the right time.

Many homeowners want to know which fertilizer between granular and liquid is the best for their lawns. Actually, any of the two will do just fine. Each comes with its own specific benefits.

A Look at Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Liquid lawn fertilizers are not only good for lawns but also for transplanting as well as for fertilizing seedlings. In the latter case, the liquid solution is applied directly on the seed just before you put it in the ground.

If you have been looking at your lawn and thinking that it needs some fertilizer, you may be wondering if you should go granular or liquid. While you may choose one based on your budget, there are a few issues you need to weigh before ordering your fertilizer.

First starters, there is the time factor with regard to preparing the fertilizer. Secondly, you will need to ensure that the fertilizer is applied evenly. These two factors are in favor of organic liquid fertilizer because it is faster to prepare and also easy to apply evenly to the entire lawn.

Liquid lawn fertilizers also come with additional benefits such as:

  • Ease of application
  • Ability to blend with other liquid products
  • Seasonal application

How Efficient is Liquid Lawn Fertilizer?

Many farmers and homeowners have turned to liquid fertilizers for their fertilizing needs. One wonders what it is about the liquid option that makes it more popular than the dry option. Apart from ease of application, liquid fertilizers have a number of benefits that appeal to gardeners and agriculture enthusiasts.

Although the application of liquid fertilizers is easy, the set up is very specific. Despite this, many still opt for this alternative. This may have a lot to do with the fact that results are noticed pretty fast.

Benefits of the Liquid Solution

You can apply liquid fertilizer in many ways to your lawn to provide nutrients instantly. In fact, liquid fertilizers are the best solution for a lawn that is showing signs of deficiency. It is able to reach the roots much faster than granular fertilizer would because it is already in liquid form and will be absorbed in the soil immediately.

Additionally, it provides a uniform application so that you will not have some sections getting more than others. Liquid lawn fertilizers are also easier to make distinctively for the lawn. This is very important because not all lawns have the same needs.

Additionally, whatever issues your lawn may have are taken care of immediately as the nutrients you feed to the lawn are utilised as soon as they are absorbed.

Application of Liquid Fertilizer

There are two ways in which liquid fertilizer is applied.

  • Ground application
  • Foliar application

Always read interactions before applying because just about every liquid solution you come across is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted. Also, they must be diluted properly in order to work properly. You also run the risk of ‘burning’ your lawn if you do not dilute properly or not get them the right amount of nutrients they need.

Ground Application

Timing is crucial here as liquid fertilizer is absorbed quickly and does not stay long in the ground. It is done just before planting. If you wait too long, the fertilizer will be long gone by the time you plant.

Foliar Application

Application is done when the lawn begins to grow. Just like the ground, leaves take in the nutrients very fast. Results are noticed quite quickly and problems are also resolved fast.


As mentioned before, liquid fertilizers work fast because they are quick-release solutions. This means that application needs to be done more than once in order to get the best results. This may cost a bit of money and also eat into your yard maintenance schedule but ultimately, it is worth for a healthy and strong lawn.

Clare Louise