NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination: How Do They Work Collaboratively?

NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination: How Do They Work Collaboratively?

NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination operate together, but in distinct ways, to assist individuals in implementing their NDIS plan. Plan Management, for example, will aid you in keeping track of the financial components of your NDIS plan. While your manager may provide information and advice on obtaining the best assistance for you, they need help managing these services on your behalf. Nevertheless, if appropriate and required, you, the member, your plan candidate, or a Support Coordinator will conduct support coordination.

In this article, we’ve compiled the difference between these two, addressed your concerns and provided advice on how to get the most out of each service.

What Does NDIS Plan Management Mean?

Plan Management is the name of the accounting service that the NDIS supports. The Plan Manager will compensate your providers for the services you buy, help you keep track of your finances, and manage all financial statements on your behalf. In addition, your Plan Manager will assist you with taking note of your funds.

What Services Can a Plan Manager Provide?

Your plan manager will work closely with you and your support personnel to provide you with control and options over your plan.

Your Plan Manager is responsible for the following:

  • Booking reservations for plan-managed services using the NDIS platform
  • Monitoring your expenditure about your budgeted amounts
  • Maintaining and protecting your financial records
  • Making a claim using the NDIS site
  • Invoice payment to providers
  • Managing your refund claims

What Exactly Is Support Coordination?

NDIS Support Coordination assists you in carrying out your plan by locating and integrating you with various service providers that best match your requirements.

This service will aid you in developing the skills required to comprehend, execute, and apply your strategy. A Support Coordinator will work with you to ensure that various supports are utilised to help you maintain connections, manage your support staff, live more independently, and be a part of your community.

What Services Can a Support Coordinator Provide?

A Support Coordinator will assist you in understanding the plan you have been given and what it may be used for, as well as connect you with appropriate providers. They want to help you ‘optimise’ your strategy and get the most out of your supported assistance.

They will also help you bargain with suppliers regarding their services, the quantity of service they will deliver, and the price.

What Is the Difference Between Support Coordination and Specialist Support?

You have the option of incorporating any one of the following three levels of support coordination into your plan:

Support Connection

Your capacity to engage with the community and informal and financed assistance will be improved as a result of this, and you will be able to make the most of your goals and really accomplish those goals.

Support Coordination

This guide will help you build the skills to comprehend, apply, and execute your strategy. A support coordinator will collaborate with you to ensure that a range of supports is utilised to assist you in maintaining relationships, managing service delivery chores, living more freely, and being a part of your community.

Specialist Support Coordination

This is a higher level of assistance coordination. It is aimed at those in more tough circumstances who need specialised help. A Support Coordinator can help you manage problems in your support environment and ensure consistent service delivery.

How Does the NDIS Fund Plan Management and Support Coordination?

The NDIS may completely fund both support coordination and plan management. There are no requirements for incorporating Plan Management funds; ask about it during your planning session. However, only some have access to NDIS Support Coordination. The NDIS assesses each case on its own merits and will only offer money if you do not have an interconnected network of friends and relatives who can undertake some of the responsibilities that a support coordinator undertakes.

NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination address two different requirements and are paid separately, enabling you to get funds for both in the same NDIS plan.

Where Can You Get NDIS Support Coordination?

Finding the perfect Support Coordinator for you might take time, but it is worthwhile. Having the finest suppliers on your side is a huge step towards ensuring you are receiving the most out of your plan and achieving your goals.

The opportunity to employ both non-registered and registered providers is one of the most valuable advantages of being an NDIS member. This means that, in addition to the tools currently available to NDIS participants, such as the NDIS Provider Directory, people may identify service providers by utilising search engines such as Google.

Who Do You Contact If You’re Dissatisfied With the Services You’re Receiving?

If you are currently getting the help of any kind and would want to switch providers for that support, you should talk to the coordinator of that support. You can collaborate with them to choose a new service provider to meet your requirements better.


NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination may be eligible for funding from the NDIS. These serve numerous roles and are funded under multiple budget categories, meaning that if you’re eligible, you can receive federal funding for both services in the same plan. Since these are funded under various budget categories, they imply that you can receive funding for various NDIS-related activities.

Ruth Chacon