Specialists Can Help You With These Conditions

Specialists Can Help You With These Conditions

While visiting your doctor for a checkup is never a bad idea, if they tell you that you should visit a specialist for some consultations, you should never ignore that advice. Specialists are doctors who have devoted their time in mastering a certain branch of medicine, and they can easily provide you with all the answers for your condition, which is why visiting them is a must if you have been told to do so.

What is gout?

Gout is a common condition that affects the joints, mostly the ones revolving around the big toe, however, other joints can be affected as well. Unlike most conditions that affect the joints, the reason behind gout is fully known. The cause is the excess uric acid that the kidneys are not capable of discarding from the body via urine. As uric acid goes through the body, it will attach to the joints and form crystals

Then, those crystals will cause inflammation to the joints, and the inflammation will lead to swelling, and pain that will increase the longer gout is left untreated. An interesting thing about gout, is that pretty much anyone can be affected by it, in some cases, it can suddenly appear overnight.

There are a couple of things patients can do to avoid from suffering from gout, such as losing weight if they are overweight. It is important to note that going on a diet which puts a strict intake of food on the body is not a good idea, as this can sometimes lead to a development of gout instead, due to the increased uric acid in the body.

Purine rich foods are common causes of gout, so you should avoid consuming them in higher amounts. When it comes to treatment for gout if you happen to get it, the gout treatment medication in Brisbane from arthritisCARE is quite effective, as it will take care of all the symptoms.

Gout often attacks the big toe

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a condition which also affects joints, but the reason behind it is completely different than gout. The main cause of osteoarthritis is usually being overweight, and that is why the most common areas that this condition affects are the knee and hip joints.

However, the joints are not the only areas affected, as the tissue around them also gets damaged, which is what makes osteoarthritis more dangerous than gout. The muscles, and ligaments can suffer severe damaged if this condition is left untreated, and you can seek arthritisCARE – osteoarthritis treatment in Brisbane if you are in the area, or you can consult with your local specialist.

Osteoarthritis is often present in the knees

Final word

Doctors today can offer a lot more help when it comes to all kinds of conditions than they could in the past, and people should definitely take an advantage of that. Ignoring pain or some other uncomfortable changes that happen to your body can often lead to more serious conditions, which you should not allow.

Emily Mauch