Surgical Procedures That Will Shape Your Body

Surgical Procedures That Will Shape Your Body

Our body shape is designed mostly by genetics. But there are other factors which will drastically affect the way your body looks. That can be an unhealthy diet, a lack of physical exercise, some medications, pregnancy, obesity, aging and fast weight loss. This will affect your skin condition, your breasts, and mood. That is why cosmetics procedures have developed great solutions for different problems.

Tummy tuck procedure

If you stumble upon the name abdominoplasty, it is the same procedure like a tummy tuck procedure. This is a surgical procedure that targets the fat tissue on your stomach. It is done under the general anesthesia, and besides the fat tissue, the doctor will remove excess skin and he will tighten abdominal muscles.

Your results will stay in the long run, but take care of your diet

There are a few different ways that this procedure can be done. When you do the consultation with your doctor, he will suggest which type of procedure will be the best for you. Also, there is a difference between tummy tuck procedure and mini tummy tuck procedure, as you should know that during a mini tummy tuck procedure, the doctor will reduce the fat tissue only on your lower abdomen.

If you are interested in professional tummy tuck Sydney at Breast & Body Clinic all you need to do is to make an appointment. The doctor will make an evaluation and explain how to prepare for the surgery, and what to expect after the surgery. He will also explain if you should do a tummy tuck procedure, or a mini tummy tuck will be enough for you.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation procedure is maybe the most common procedure when it comes to enlarging your breasts. There are different types of implants for this procedure, and those are silicone implants and saline implants. These implants can be placed behind the breast tissue or chest muscle. This procedure will not just give you bigger breasts, but also volume, symmetry, and shape.

Different ways to enlarge your breasts

Maybe the most common clients are the women with tuberous looking breasts. The professional breast augmentation at Breast & Body Clinic will not just give these women a beautiful looking breasts, but it will also increase their self-esteem and make them feel more feminine and satisfied in their bodies.

When the breast augmentation is done, you will have to wear a bandage or a sports bra, so your breasts will have support during your recovery period. Usually, recovery will last a week or two, but there are cases where the women were able to go back to work after a few days. During your recovery period, you will not be able to lift anything heavy and you will generally have to watch out not to stretch your chest.

Final word

These procedures are very effective and they are the fastest procedures to deliver the results. After the recovery period, you will have a new body to be proud of.

John Ewers