Itching and redness in eyes can be the symptoms of eyelash lice:

Itching and redness in eyes can be the symptoms of eyelash lice:

People know only about the common lice in their general life. Like head lice that that is commonly found in many people’s hair. The second one is body lice that causes itching and red spot on the body. It generally comes from the clothing that people wear. And, the third one is the pubic lice. It generally lives in genital areas. And, the eyelash lice can also come from that area. When someone just put their hands to do itching in their genital areas. Then, this type of lice attached to the hand. And, when someone touches their eye it goes there.

There are many symptomsof eyelash lice. Like people can feel itching in their eyes. Redness, tearing, eyelash can stick together, eyelash can become thicker and black or brown spot at the eyelash. If someone has those symptoms then it is always better to consult lice doctors. And, if someone is a resident of Dallas and thinking they have to go somewhere else for lice treatment. The answer is no because many expert dallas licedoctors that can help people dealing with eyelash lice. These expert lice doctors can easily cure the patient quick and thorough.

Things people should know about eyelash lice

The medical term that is being used for the lice living in eyelash is phthiriasis palpebrarum. Logically people can think that these lice can come from the head. But according to studies that are done on this. The eyelash lice are commonly the pubic lice. It comes there by hand contact from genital areas to the eyelash. The average life span of these pubic lice is 3 to 4 weeks. And, the first thing that people need to do after finding eyelash lice is to check their whole body. Because it comes from genital areas. Then, check it first.

Can it be cured with home remedies?

Some home remedies can work in treating eyelash lice. Like, one can apply petroleum jelly to their eyelids two times a day. People can also use shampoo when they wash their hairs. It will also clean the eyelash lice. But people should go to lice doctors for better treatment. Rather than becoming own lice doctors without a degree.

Any side effect of the treatment

There will not be any side effect of lice treatment to the eyes. it doesn’t affect the eyesight or eye in any way. So, people don’t need to worry about anything. Just go to the lice doctors and get rid of eyelash lice.

John Ewers